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Sending a CV without an accompanying letter is not advisable so the CV consultants at Executive CV will put their expert skills to best use and prepare a professional letter to enhance any professional CV, allowing you the best possible chance of securing you the job of your dreams.

CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service have more than two decades of experience of not only constructing high quality executive CVs, but also of preparing a professional covering letter that will get you noticed by the companies that you particularly want to work for.

"What letters can you provide?"

Letters we can create for you include a speculative and tailored/advert response or, alternatively, we have a letter pack that includes a further three letters; a resignation letter and two follow up letters.

Whatever your requirements may be, Executive CV Writing Service will be able to help.

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Tailored Response

Many employers these days will not only ask for a copy of your CV but will also want a letter of application to accompany it. Executive CV Writing Service CV Consultants can prepare a well worded and informative tailored response letter, which addresses every point within the relevant person specification.

Our CV Consultants understand that it is extremely important to address all the relevant points, as well as detailing previous experience, qualifications and capabilities. They will meet the exacting standards of the employer and will provide you with an opportunity of securing the position of your dreams. This particular letter also costs just £15.

Why do I need one?"

When applying for an executive role, you may be asked to either complete an application form or apply by letter. 

CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service have many years of experience in preparing letters that are guaranteed to get you noticed at the first read.

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On Spec

An on spec letter – or speculative – is one which is sent out to a company who you want to work for but that isn't necessarily advertising any relevant roles that suit your needs. To do this, you are not only showing the employer that you have taken the initiative but that you are definitely someone to consider in the future when they are looking for someone with your calibre.

To be able to do this effectively and introduce yourself in an appropriate manner, the letter needs to be well formatted, written and of a high professional standard. For just £15, this will make sure that you remain in the forefront of their minds and will give you the best of opportunity of being their first port of call when they start recruiting again.

"How do these help?"

If the letter that accompanies the CV is well-written, clear, concise and contains all of the information they will need to know within one A4 page, you will have more chance of getting noticed than if you sent one that was two pages long and didn’t address the most important aspects of your career so far.

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When resigning from a job role, whether you have enjoyed it or not, it’s important to maintain an air of professionalism, and the best way to do this is to present the company with a well written resignation letter.

Thanking your current employer for everything they have done for you and the internal progression that they have allowed, as well as wishing them well, will go a long way in ensuring that you remain on the best possible terms.

The CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service will make sure that this done, so if you ever need them again, the door will always will open.

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Follow up letters

If you have applied for a specific role utilising our tailored/advert response letter, then the two follow up letters in the letter can be used to help job the memory of the person you applied to.

Sometimes, businesses can get bogged down with applications and by taking the proactive step in contacting them further, when many of the other applicants won’t, you will find yourself at the forefront of their minds.

Executive CV Writing Service will prepare these two follow up letters based on the information included within the original advert/tailored response letter, to best effect.

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Letter Pack

For a competitive £50, you can purchase a letter pack; a selection of five letters that will significantly assist you in securing the role and taking you up the next step of the career ladder.

As well as containing the On Spec and Tailored Response letters as mentioned above, there are also two tailored response follow up letters, which address the points previously made and can be key in reminding employers of who you are.

Ready to use when you need it, the letter pack from Executive CV Writing Service also features a resignation letter which is a professional letter, ideally written for those who are wanting to resign from their current role to take up a new one.

Our Services Include:

  • Telephone consultation with a dedicated CV consultant
  • Bespoke CV tailored your expertise and sector
  • FREE 12 month career updates
  • Written by industry experts

Our clients are recruited by:

  • PR Manager,
  • Communications Manager
  • Media Relations,
  • Data Centre Consultant
  • Anaesthetist Consultant
  • Project Manager,
  • Acquisitions Manager
  • Market Intelligence

What our clients say...

The service provided by Executive CV was second to none. The process was so easy and thanks to my new CV I landed the job of my dreams within two weeks!
Jennifer Scott, Teacher, Edinburgh

As I wasn't getting any interviews with my existing CV, I used the CV Writing Services with Executive CV and within a week I had three interviews set up. Thank you Executive CV for an excellent job!
Lisa Stevens, Marketing Manager, Sheffield

Until I used the CV Writing Service with Executive CV I thought that my existing CV was good enough. But getting my CV re-drafted highlighted the errors in my own CV and the service I received from the CV Consultants was absolutely fantastic.
Janice Gill, Company Director, Canada

My finished CV was outstanding! I paid for the Super Express Service and within 4 hours I had a professional CV sat in my inbox waiting for me. This then helped me to land the job I really wanted in Dubai with all the benefits of a tax-free wage. Thank you Executive CV!
Donald Giffin, Commercial Manager, Dubai

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