Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Executive CV Writing Service?

    It is exactly that a CV Writing Service that is dedicated to those who are employed to an executive level and earn more than 50,000 a year. This is specified because an executive CV goes into much more detail and is longer than an average CV in order to professionally showcase an executive's career highlights and achievements as well as capabilities and skill base.

  • Why should I choose Executive CV Writing Service?

    The CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service have been preparing executive level CV's for more than 12 years and consist of people who have previously worked at that level themselves. Executive CV Writing Service has CV Consultants from every job sector to enable the most effective and successful service to be offered.

  • How long will it take for my CV to be prepared?

    There are three different timeframes on offer when ordering a CV from Executive CV Writing Service. The standard turnaround time is five working days, after which you will receive the first draft of your document. Alternatively, you can pay a small extra fee in order to receive your CV within a shorter period of time, such as three working days or even one.

  • What is the process?

    The CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service have devised a process which is tried, tested and very successful. Basically, once you have placed an order, you will momentarily leave the site whilst your payment is processed. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email from Executive CV Writing Service that will redirect you to the part on the site where you can upload your existing CV and will be subsequently picked up by the CV Consultant allocated to you.

    Within the timeframe you specify, you will receive the first draft of your document, which will allow you to make any changes and additions, whilst providing the CV Consultant the opportunity to request further information which they feel is beneficial to your CV. They will then work with you until you are completely happy with your document.

  • What prices are charged by Executive CV Writing Service?

    It costs 200 for a professional CV, 50 for a letter pack or 15 for an individual letter, 150 for a LinkedIn Profile and 75 for a personal statement. There are additional fees for quicker turnaround times, including 35 for three days and 50 for one day. Executive CV Writing Service also offers Interview Coaching; 150 for 60 minutes, 225 for 90 minutes and 120 minutes costs 300.

  • Why are the majority of your consultations done over email, rather than telephone?

    Simply because experience has taught Executive CV Writing Service that this is the most effective way. There are no time constraints, i.e. waiting for people to be free from work etc, and the written word is harder to misunderstand than speaking to someone can, when problems can be faced such as bad telephone lines and language barriers, for example.

  • Are refunds offered?

    No, we don't offer refunds for the simple reason that we don't need do. If you really are in need of an executive CV and you come to Executive CV Writing Service to purchase this service, then an executive CV is what you will receive. Our CV Consultants have the inside track on what is needed with regards to every aspect of the CV, such as language, content, style and length, and as such apply this knowledge when preparing your executive CV.

    As our CV Consultants work with you until you are completely happy, we ensure that you ultimately have a service that you are extremely satisfied with and a document that is highly professional and effective, therefore removing the need to give refunds.

  • When do I pay?

    Payment is always made when ordering and can be done in a variety of ways, including Pay Pal, Pay Point and Visa, to name a few. You are required to pay Executive CV Writing Service before the work is carried out as this enables us to keep our prices to a minimum as no time is wasted chasing payments from customers. In addition, when you purchase the expertise of Executive CV Writing Service, you have the added peace of mind that this is for life and can be helped with updates and additional CV's at a future date.

  • How successful are CVs produced by Executive CV Writing Service?

    The executives who come back to us have enjoyed considerable success with their new, professional CV's. Of course, the CV Consultants at Executive CV Writing Service don't always hear back from customers but, as we don't advertise and the majority of our workload comes from recommendations, this really speaks for itself.

Our Services Include:

  • Telephone consultation with a dedicated CV consultant
  • Bespoke CV tailored your expertise and sector
  • FREE 12 month career updates
  • Written by industry experts

Our clients are recruited by:

  • PR Manager,
  • Communications Manager
  • Media Relations,
  • Data Centre Consultant
  • Anaesthetist Consultant
  • Project Manager,
  • Acquisitions Manager
  • Market Intelligence

What our clients say...

The service provided by Executive CV was second to none. The process was so easy and thanks to my new CV I landed the job of my dreams within two weeks!
Jennifer Scott, Teacher, Edinburgh

As I wasn't getting any interviews with my existing CV, I used the CV Writing Services with Executive CV and within a week I had three interviews set up. Thank you Executive CV for an excellent job!
Lisa Stevens, Marketing Manager, Sheffield

Until I used the CV Writing Service with Executive CV I thought that my existing CV was good enough. But getting my CV re-drafted highlighted the errors in my own CV and the service I received from the CV Consultants was absolutely fantastic.
Janice Gill, Company Director, Canada

My finished CV was outstanding! I paid for the Super Express Service and within 4 hours I had a professional CV sat in my inbox waiting for me. This then helped me to land the job I really wanted in Dubai with all the benefits of a tax-free wage. Thank you Executive CV!
Donald Giffin, Commercial Manager, Dubai

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